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Our story so far

Preventative care, improving access to and availability of quality secondary care services, and enabling people to lead healthier independent lives are key fundamental elements of our ethos

People are often blighted by a selection of unvetted care, health and wellbeing service providers and are required to search multiple websites/local authorities, making it a costly and time-consuming experience. Moreover, it can be the cause of significant mental and emotional stress. 

"The idea for WeMa Life was very much borne out of our family’s own personal experiences when having to look after one of our elderly relatives. This was a new experience for all of us, and we found the process of organising care services to be unnecessarily time-consuming, and often difficult to manage,”

Rajal Patni - Co Founder

We focus on Corporate Wellbeing

With a track record of building and scaling digital solutions, we launched WeMa, a Wellness Management technology enabled care ecosystem.


Today, WeMa is assisting C-suite executives implement HR strategies that focus on agile corporate social responsibility policies and services that deliver different (and better!) wellbeing outcomes for both the employees and the business itself.

People before tech

Our mission is to facilitate independent and healthier living of millions of people by Connecting Care in Communities. WeMa delivers a high standard of personalised service that meets the secondary care demands assisting employers to not only resolve major HR issues related to staff health and mental wellbeing, recruitment and retention, but also benefit from improved business continuity and productivity.


People have never been in a better position to take control of their, or their loved ones, physical and mental wellbeing. These trends, supported through WeMa, offer a brighter, more viable future for the entire care, health and wellbeing sectors at a time when challenging conditions dictate that change is essential.

The Founding Team

Rohit Patni

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Rajal Patni

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The Advisory Team

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