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WeMa is a care ecosystem that helps the employee workforce identify their care needs, digitally source the right service providers and ensure smooth delivery of services between users and providers. 

Connecting Care in Communities

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“Anyone who has ever been tasked with sourcing any form of care for themselves or a loved one, will know how difficult, stressful and cumbersome the process can be. Often blighted by poor communications and the need to search multiple online platforms, the care industry has been crying out for a better digital solution to connect care within communities –  WeMa will deliver this,”

Vivek Patni CEO

*Commissioned independent survey – 2000 full-time workers in UK
Lavanya Plus 2019 

Did you know?

We recognise that an increase in the number of employees acting as informal carers for friends and family is becoming a significant cause for mental and emotional stress in the workplace, leading to a potential loss of business continuity and productivity. 

We are actively partnering with employers, helping them address these growing issues by embedding WeMa within their HR strategies and policies to ensure workplace and workforce wellbeing.

We care about

the employee experience

Of which

What our customers say

Workers who have an outstanding employee experience perform better and achieve more

Attract experienced talent

We help you offer a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will set your business apart from your competitors.

Activate employee engagement

We help you unlock the key to improved performance, innovation and profitability.

Boost productivity

Addressing the issue of your employees’ caring responsibilities frees them to realise their full potential in the workplace, providing a powerful upturn in productivity.

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WeMa - Wellness Management

WeMa is a unique person-centred caretech ecosystem for your business 

Digitally connect to customers through WeMa 

Attract more clients, deliver more services, boost your revenues

Make your business more efficient using our management software, WeMa Plus

Manage your appointments, reports, clients and staff whilst lowering your administrative costs

WeMa Care

A care concierge service that guides employees and their families to identify 

their service requirements through to sourcing the most appropriate service provider.

WeMa Life

An e-commerce marketplace that aggregates multiple vetted providers and gives employees the ability to source, compare, book and pay for their own services.

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