We recognise that businesses are experiencing a momentous shift in priorities linked to their workforce productivity and mental and emotional wellbeing.

WeMa focuses on supporting your employees both inside and outside the workplace

  • The responsibility of informal care can be stressful and tiring and most carers have to reduce their hours, turn down promotions and in some cases leave work.

  • For an employer, losing experienced employees inevitably leads to additional recruitment and retraining costs.

  • WeMa provides access to quality care, health and wellbeing services that helps support employees and reduce the burden of their caring responsibilities. This makes for a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

to find out how WeMa can help your business and its employees​

WeMa can help

Many employees who act as informal carers do not feel comfortable discussing their caring commitments in the workplace whilst most businesses do not have sufficient support structures or HR policies in this area. Consequently, your employees may be bearing their burden in silence, resulting in mental, and indeed physical stress.

WeMa provides a tailored and packaged solution for your business

WeMa is a technology enabled care ecosystem that puts ‘people before tech’ to support employees with their informal care commitments. Uniquely, it combines a personalised care concierge service with a digital sourcing platform that simplifies accessibility, coordination, payment and delivery of quality care, health and wellbeing services.

Through its WeMa Care concierge, employees are supported to identify their or their loved one’s care service needs.


WeMa’s e-commerce marketplace, WeMa Life, aggregates multiple vetted providers giving employees the ability to source, compare, book and pay for their selected services.

WeMa is open to your employees and their family members

Services we assist with

We can help employees source both 
privately paid or Local Authority paid services.

...and more

Business benefits

Our corporate engagement programme takes businesses on a journey of gaining employee insight through to establishing a tailored package to help you maximise employee experience, wellbeing and corporate productivity

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